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Coming Winter 2016-2017


~Back from the dead you seek to avenge the loss of your sister and the crimes committed against you by your former Yokai clan. Freely explore a gigantic world that changes based on your progress and decisions as you hunt the Gate Keepers at your discretion.

Enter the failed city state Venimesuto, a demonic city ruled by the Nekomata clan, now caught in a civil uprising. Using this upheaval as cover, you will stop at nothing to take your revenge, moral choices do not exist and sides will not be chosen, anyone who tries to stop you is an enemy even if they were once your closest friend.

~Grow more powerful and learn new skills, by exploring and taking on optional quests or stealing abilities from hidden bosses. -OR- Challenge yourself by running the gauntlet, and only taking on necessary paths, limiting your characters leveling, but allowing for a single sitting speed run for those who are experienced enough at gaming.